Catherine Clear Retirement Announcement

After 45 years working as a physiotherapist – I am retiring from clinical practice, effective 30 June 2023.

As the lease is ending on the premises at 49 Edinburgh Road I am taking this opportunity to ‘call time’ on the clinical side of my practice.  So, from the end of June 2023 we will stop treating patients at Willoughby and the practice will close.

But, I do need to keep active and strong, so I will continue to offer exercise classes at new premises and if you have already registered your interest, I will be in touch with more information.

In the period between now and 30 June, our priority is to ensure we continue to provide you with quality care and that you feel confident with your options for continuing treatment. From now until we close the clinical practice:

  • Physiotherapists:   Amy, Margot, and I will all be available
  • Clinical services and exercise classes:   All will be as per usual
  • New patients and/or new conditions:    All will be accepted

But, during the transition time to end of June, we may suggest you make alternative arrangements for your ongoing care if that is in your best interests. We have compiled a list of other physio practices in the area, along with their specialties, which you can find here. We will add to the list as we negotiate our way through to the end of June. Beth and Alison at reception will be able to offer guidance on this, and of course any of we physios will be happy to speak with you as required.

Amy Kennedy is expecting to continue working as a physiotherapist and if that is in private practice,  I will let you all know how to find her. I have a profound respect for her physiotherapy skills and patient advocacy and would be delighted to have her continue your care.

Margot McEwen is taking down her private practice shingle at the end of June and will concentrate on delivering excellence in physiotherapy to her patients in Aged Care.

Beth is going to take this opportunity to retire. She has been getting involved in golf of late so watch out for her on the golf course.

Alison is planning on long service leave before taking up whatever is next in her sights. 

Please give us a call if you need any further information or advice.

It has been a pleasure to serve this community. Thank you for your support of our practice over the years. I have really enjoyed working with you all, colleagues and patients. After nearly five decades and thousands of patients, I still love what I do… but I reckon I’ll enjoy lots of new things even more! 

Kind regards,