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Catherine Clear Retirement Announcement

After 45 years working as a physiotherapist – I am retiring from clinical practice, effective 30 June 2023. Read more here.

Exercise Classes

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Strength, control, conditioning:  Exercise for general fitness and well-being

Classes are designed by the physiotherapist to address the needs of participants generally but also adapted to the level of the individual when required. The aim of this class is to take you through a FULL REPERTOIRE of the movements required for activities of daily living and strengthen your ability to undertake ‘new moves’ with confidence. 

Exercises are based on no one protocol but are drawn from Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Physiological Conditioning, Postural Awareness (Feldenkrais), Core Stability, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Osteoporosis Management, Fascial Fitness, ELDOA and Stretching. We use body weight, weights, exercise bands, stretches, timing and balance challenges and other strategies to broaden the movement experience.

Utilising all this variety and applying the latest research findings and many years of physiotherapy experience, we are able to adapt and react to the needs of the group. Ideally suited to participants who are looking for:

  • Physio-led class
  • Recovery from injury
  • Specific strengthening e.g. after diagnosis with osteopoenia/osteoporosis 
  • Management assistance with spinal or pelvis problems
  • Rehab post surgery
  • Conditioning

Places are limited and you may need an assessment before joining a class so call 9958 0410 to determine next steps.


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Repertoire (Boost) is Repertoire modified for the needs of participants. It aims to maximise and extend the individuals exercise tolerance, range of movement and strength despite limitations due to age, stage, old injuries, fear of moving, etc. The “Boost” we get from exercise is confirmed by research and lived experience. Movement begets movement and we feel uplifted. Get this in this class!


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Accent on Men’s health exercise class

Strength, stretch, control, conditioning: Exercise for general fitness and well-being Fixum classes are based on the Repertoire class model outlined above but have a particular focus on the requirements of blokes. Although not exclusively for men, this class reacts to the needs of the group to target strength and stretch and education to avoid injury. Men often have a history of accident and trauma and focus can shift to accommodate this. Men are generally stronger but they are not necessarily “fitter” in the musculoskeletal system and, as a rule, are less flexible. This class can assist the participant to focus on their particular movement requirements, e.g. for specific jobs or activities such as golf, tennis etc. Places are limited and you may need an assessment before joining a class so call 9958 0410 to determine next steps.